Why We're Different

What defines us?

“Home to a Better Mortgage Experience” is our motto because we
believe our corporate culture, our work ethic and our end results set us apart.
Our core values are who we already are – not what we are trying to be.
That makes a difference in the experience we provide!

Compass Core Values

Infinite Worth:

Everyone has value. We believe we are called to treat every person we meet with love and respect.

At Compass, you are viewed as a relationship, not a transaction.


Regardless of the situation, we adhere to a moral and ethical code that will not be broken.

At Compass, you are given full transparency through effective communication


We go above and beyond in all that we do. You are always moving in a direction: You are either getting better or getting worse.

At Compass, every loan is handled with the care, speed and diligence it deserves.