Posted on 04/22/2017

Home Décor Inspiration: What’s Your Interior Design Style?

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When it comes to interior design, there are dozens of styles to gain inspiration from. From classic furnishings to retro eclecticism, sometimes it can be hard to figure out where you fall in line. Here’s our list of some of the many top décor and interior design styles to figure out where you land.



What you like: clean lines, open floor plans, minimal accessories, lots of natural light, geometric shapes

Modern inspired interiors are reminiscent of the style of the 1950’s and 60’s, aka mid-century modern.



What you like: sturdy furniture, richly stained woods, luxe fabrics, warm or neutral color tones.

Traditional interiors evoke a sense of early European style. Think curved lines, comfort, statement molding and symmetrical furniture placement.



What you like: simplicity, clean lines, sophisticated design, neutrals, and open spaces.

Contemporary is often used interchangeably with modern design, but they’re not the same thing. While modern style is reminiscent of the mid-1900s, contemporary refers to modern-day innovative designs. Think clean, smooth furniture lines, lots of open space, bare flooring and lots of natural light.

Other styles to give you inspiration: Mid-Century Modern



What you like: exposed beams and ducts, utilitarian furnishings, metal and/or wood finishes, vintage touches, neutral and cool color schemes

Industrial didn’t even used to be an interior design style, it was a way of life. Industrial interiors celebrate rawness and functionality with no-nonsense accents.



What you like: mismatched furniture, wall art, color incorporation, flea market finds and displaying items that represent your personality

Eclectic is the rule-breaker of interior design, mixing and incorporating accents and furnishings from different eras and making it look cohesive and perfectly planned.



What you like: both modern and traditional interior décor styles, clean color palettes with strategic accent colors, minimal accents, and large art pieces.

Transitional style is a marriage between modern and traditional design. This cohesive look is hard to achieve, because balance is key. Think a modern dining room table paired with upholstered chairs or deep-stained kitchen cabinets (traditional) paired with exposed bulb pendants over the island.



What you like: white, shiplap, beadboard, open or glass-front cabinetry, galvanized metals, wood floors, simplistic furnishings, slipcovered sofas and rustic touches.

The farmhouse style embodies a lived-in, cozy and welcoming feeling, even if your home isn’t rural. Think distressed woods, fresh whites, and classic textiles and furniture design with a touch of rustic whimsy.

Other styles to give you inspiration: Cottage and Shabby Chic


iStockPhoto/Paul Bradbury

What you like: breezy fabrics, whites, organic materials, stripes, beadboard and shiplap

Using coastal inspiration in your home décor and design doesn’t mean you have to be living in a beachfront property. Think jute rugs, wicker bar stools and blue tinted glass vases filled with faux apple blossom branches against a shiplap wall – a fresh breeze of summer, year-round.

Other styles to give you inspiration: Cottage

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