Posted on 05/22/2019

Functional Design for Kids’ Spaces

3 minute read

Striking the balance of a functional yet beautiful room is a common design struggle.  This can be particularly challenging in hard-working spaces like mudrooms, play spaces, or nurseries—anywhere kids spend a lot of time!

Today we’ll explore some easy ways to add function and gorgeous design to spaces kids occupy.

  1. Rethink Furniture: A space to change the baby is a must in a nursery! There are plenty of furniture pieces branded as changing tables, but any dresser will do! Simply place a non-slip changing pad on the top.

Find a dresser that speaks to your specific design aesthetic. Bold colors, ornate designs and fun hardware choices are more commonly found on dressers than changing tables, but they can serve the same purpose.  We really like this choice from Bundle of Hoey!

  1. Creative Corrals: There are lots of things to wrangle is kids’ spaces—crayons, wipes, hair clips…the list goes on! Get creative when you choose containers to hold these items.

Instead of sticking to plastic, take a look around flea markets, resale shops and garage sales for items that are functional and also make a design statement.  We love this wooden planter from Shanty2Chic which has been repurposed as container for crayons.

We also love these cement vases from The Nesting Place.  Currently being used to hold kitchen utensils, similar vases or planters could hold barrettes, paintbrushes, or even Legos!

  1. Rethink and Repurpose: There are no rules when it comes to home décor! We love the look of using a vintage ladder for creative storage that adds a touch of farmhouse chic. Extra blankets? Fold them over the rungs of the ladder which provides clever storage while also adding texture and color to the room. Extra stuffed animals or dress-up clothes? Get some hooks and hang wire baskets on each rung to keep things easily accessible! We love this beautiful space from Inspira Spaces.
  1. Sit and Store: One of Ikea’s best sellers is the Lack shelving unit and it’s easy to see why! Offered in many different configurations, this shelf offers lots of storage. Choosing textural baskets for the cubies makes even more of a design statement! Use it as is or spruce it up even more with this idea from Daffodil Design! She used a leg kit and added a foam cushion to the top, creating a bench that adds a punch of color of lots of purpose. This would be great in a mudroom!

We hope this helps you realize that you don’t need to sacrifice design for function when creating a space for kids! Decorating can be beautiful and serve your family’s needs!