Posted on 05/29/2019

Four Tips for Outdoor Entertaining

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Summer is the perfect time to entertain outdoors! However, between bees hovering around the lemonade to chilly breezes once the sun goes down, creating the perfect outdoor gathering doesn’t come without its challenges.  Here are some of our favorite tips for being a thoughtful outdoor party host!

  1. Snack Storage: Humid weather can quickly spoil all those snacks you’re serving up! Avoid soggy chips and stale rolls by storing food in covered glass or plastic canisters.  Available from several retailers, it’s an easy and inexpensive way to keep your food game on point! You can even serve fruit or salad in them to avoid the swarm of insects.

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Another great hack is to use a cupcake holder to cover drinks! This will help avoid having a sneaky fly or bee make their way into your coke can.

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  1. Seating Solutions: If your guests outnumber your chairs, get creative with seating! Outdoor beanbag chairs are a nice addition, but they can be costly and tricky to store. Don’t blow your budget and lay out some blankets and stack up some outdoor pillows to help create cozy areas right on the grass.  Adults and kids alike will enjoy these spaces!

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  1. Station Location: Part of what makes a party great is the flow! Avoid pile ups and crowded areas and set up various stations throughout your yard. One for sunscreen, one of drinks, one for food, one for s’mores, one for yard games, etc.  Clearly identify your stations with chalkboard signs to help direct guests where to go without needing to ask for directions. This will help your guests feel comfortable and it will look great and well organized!

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  1. Bugs at Bay: Mosquitos, bees, flies…they’re all eager to attend your party! Traditional bug spray is always an option, but if you’d prefer to stay chemical-free, essential oils will do the trick! Soak a sponge with some water and lavender oil and store near guests and food in a small bowl. Spritz heavily wooded areas with the same solution.

Additionally, a lemon with some cloves will emit an odor that bugs don’t appreciate.  Place a few of them around your tables 30 minutes before your party begins and watch the bugs flee! Of course, citronella candles will not only keep bugs away, but add some ambiance as an added perk!

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