Posted on 08/31/2023

First-Time Homeowner Checklist

3 minute read

So, you’ve just bought your first home. Congratulations! With the searching and financing completed, now comes the fun work of settling in and turning your new house into a home.

To help make the transition into your new space hassle-free, here are our recommendations for things you should do before move-in day!

First, spend some time deep cleaning—preferably before you have your furniture in! This will make the work easier and faster. Focus on things like wiping down cabinetry inside and out, getting carpets professionally cleaned, mopping or steam cleaning hard flooring surfaces, dusting vents and light fixtures and giving baseboards and crown moldings a good scrub.

Next, make service calls to have HVAC systems inspected and serviced as needed, consider professional cleaning of the air ducts and arrange for pest control, especially if the house has been vacant for any extended time.

Additionally, make security a priority! If you aren’t the first owner of the home, a top priority should be changing out the locks and ensuring all exterior doors have a deadbolt. You’ll also want to change out batteries in the smoke detectors, consider upgrading exterior lighting (including the addition of motion-activated fixtures) and develop a fire escape plan as a family. Also, don’t forget to protect important documents and valuables. Now is the time to invest in a fireproof safe if you don’t already have one. These precautions will help you feel secure in your new home.

This is also a good time to give some thought to your home’s energy efficiency. Install ceiling fans and a programmable digital thermostat to save on air conditioning and heating costs, check weather stripping around windows and doors to prevent drafts, replace HVAC filters and upgrade to energy-efficient light bulbs. These small changes will save you money over time!

Before you move in and settle down, consider making those cosmetic changes you had in mind! Maybe your kitchen cabinets need repainting, or perhaps you want to refinish the hardwood floors. Whatever the project is, it will be quicker and easier to get these done before move-in day.

Finally, and most importantly, head outside and introduce yourself to your new neighbors and enjoy exploring your neighborhood’s amenities. After all, connection and community will help make you feel more settled than anything else.

Homeownership is an exciting adventure, and with a solid plan, you’ll be ready for anything that arises. Welcome home!