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Kambs Jennings

This is "Kambs Jennings" by Compass Mortgage Inc on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

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Direct Line: 402-882-5626 (LOAN)
Email Address: kjg@compmort.com
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Team Members

Kambs-Jennings Group

John Kambs

Senior Loan Officer
Direct:402-882-5626 (LOAN)
Email Address:kjg@compmort.com
State License: NMLS# 224285 - Illinois: 031.0025810, Arizona: 0928738 (dba Compass Mortgage Lending, Inc.), Colorado: 100048820 (dba Compass Mortgage Lending, Inc.), Indiana: 25159, Michigan: 224285, Iowa: 31885, Tennessee: 152574, California: CA-DBO224285, Wisconsin: 224285, Florida: LO56432, Minnesota: MN-MLO-224285

Kambs-Jennings Group

Caleb Jennings

Loan Officer
Email Address:calebjennings@compmort.com
State License: NMLS# 1688645, Illinois: 031.0050668, Wisconsin: 1688645, Indiana: 36812, Florida: LO49983, California: DBO1688645, Texas: 1688645, Iowa: 32900, Tennessee: 163755, Michigan: 1688645, Minnesota: MN-MLO-1688645

Kambs-Jennings Group

Lisa Park

Loan Officer
Direct:402-882-5626 (LOAN)
Email Address: lisapark@compmort.com
State License: NMLS # 1254064, Illinois 031.0040059, Arizona 0942670 (dba Compass Mortgage Lending, Inc.), Indiana 34618, Michigan 1254064, Wisconsin: 1254064, Tennessee: 152572, California: CA-DBO1254064, Colorado: 100510657, Iowa: 31887, Florida: LO56430, Minnesota: MN-MLO-1254064

Kambs-Jennings Group

Jaime Yuhas

Business Development
Email Address:Jaimeyuhas@compmort.com
State License:Illinois: 031.0054983

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