Posted on 03/13/2019

Three Easy Ways to Refresh in Spring

2 minute read

Three Easy ways to Refresh in Spring:

Spring is here and everyone’s home is in need of some sprucing up after a long winter. We’ve included some of our favorite easy ways to refresh the exterior of your home for spring!

  • Power wash: Winter brings with it lots of salt, dirt, and grime. Warmer allow for us to wash that all away! Power washes are generally affordable and can be used on pavement, brick, siding and outdoor furniture to give it a good scrub down so it can be enjoyed all summer long. If you don’t own a power washer, they’re available to rent at most larger hardware stores!
  • Potted Plants: Nothing sprues up a space like a little green! A few well-placed potted flowers add some charm to an otherwise bland space. Choose colorful pots that compliment your door color and the colors of the flowers. Impatients, petunias and marigolds come in a variety of colors and are easy to care for!
  • Mulch: Mulching not only makes your landscaping look fantastic, but it’s critical to the health of your plants! Mulch helps soil retain moisture and keep weeds and bugs at bay. Mulch is available in a variety of textures and colors so you can customize it based on the look of your home and climate.

Enjoy time spent outdoors after a long winter inside. We know these projects will whip your outdoor space into shape for the start of spring and summer!