Posted on 04/16/2016

The Top 8 Value-Adding Projects for Home Sellers

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Getting your home in the best shape to sell doesn’t have to mean pouring a huge investment into it. Simple fixes can up the overall appearance of your home, lessen its time on the market, and potentially increase a buyer’s offered purchase price.

Here are 8 budget-friendly ways to quickly increase your home value, according to Styled Staged & Sold.

Organize, Clean & De-Clutter

Cost: $400

ROI: As much as 400%

Any real estate agent will tell you that one of the best ways to present your home is to de-personalize it. Homebuyers want to envision their own belongings filling a potential home. Achieve a neat, organized appearance with the following tasks:

  • Go through each room (including closets) and pack away 30 percent of your belongings.
  • Evaluate the flow of each room. Is furniture interrupting that flow? If so, consider rearranging or storing obstructing items. Less furniture makes rooms appear larger.
  • Sort through kitchen cupboards and drawers and throw out anything outdated, unmatched Tupperware, unused kitchen gadgets, etc. Hide small appliances like toasters, blenders, and mixers inside cupboards to appeal to homebuyers who desire a ton of counter space.
  • Take the “home” out of your home. The more personal stuff like family photos, memorabilia collections and keepsakes, etc., the less potential buyers can imagine themselves living in the home.
  • Consider hiring a professional cleaning service to clean your entire home, top to bottom.

Lighten Up

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Cost: $400

ROI: Up to $1,600

Updated and energy-efficient lighting is a huge plus for homeowners. If you’re committed to adding valuable and appealing lighting, add dimmers, ceiling fans with lighting, and “smart” lighting options.

Regular Maintenance

Cost: $800

ROI: Up to 275%

Many homebuyers will spring for a home inspection before making a purchase, because they value having a home that’s move-in ready and has been well-kept. Having a professional do an inspection can be of use before you put your home on the market so you can make the necessary changes.


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Cost: $400-$600

ROI: As much as $1,500-$2,000

The exterior of your home can be a deal breaker before a homebuyer even steps inside. An unkept yard gives the perception that your interior may be in the same state. At a minimum:

  • Lay new mulch
  • Plant inexpensive shrubs and perennials and highlight your entryway with pots of brightly colored annuals
  • Trim trees
  • Weed and edge the lawn
  • Consider adding outdoor LED lighting throughout your landscape and walkways

Click here for more ideas on increasing your curb appeal with landscaping.

Fresh Interior Paint

Cost: $900-$1000

ROI: As much as $2000

Interior paint should be your first go-to when trying to boost your interior value. Fresh paint gives any home a sense of “new”. Paint the walls, baseboards, trim and ceiling for the best results, but stick to a neutral color palette.

Paint Your Exterior

Cost: $1,400

ROI: Up to 50%

Anything to improve your home’s outward appearance is likely worth investing in. Power-wash and paint the exterior of your home for added value.

Minor Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling

Cost: $1,900

ROI: 68%

Updated kitchens and bathrooms top the lists of homebuyers. Start by removing rust stains, replacing faucets and fixtures, applying new caulk, updating cabinet and drawer knobs and pulls, and installing an eco-friendly toilet and showerhead.

Update Your Flooring

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Cost: $600-$900

ROI: Anywhere from 110-233%

Homebuyers desire durable and efficient flooring options. Replace cracked or damaged tile flooring, have carpets replaced or professionally cleaned, and consider refinishing worn hardwood floors for maximum appeal.

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