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Compass Mortgage is here for all your mortgage needs as a knowledgeable and deeply committed mortgage loan company. We know you are so much more than an application. We are happy to partner with you on your mortgage loan journey, from your first mortgage inquiry, to when it is all said and done.

When you have found the home of your dreams, we help you to make it your own. Because a mortgage loan will likely be the biggest purchase of your life, our mortgage lenders will strive to make the entire process smooth from start to finish.

We know everyone is different. Whether you are buying your very first home, want to upgrade or downsize, or you need refinancing, we will help you through it all. There are many things to know about mortgage loans and not all mortgage lending companies in St. Louis Park will guide you through.

Your First Home is Closer Than You Think

Buying your first home is an exciting time. You are on the road to something entirely new, and we are here for you. There is much to know about what goes into the mortgage process, your financing options, getting pre-approved, and why homeownership is more beneficial than renting. Our St. Louis Park, mortgage loan options are many and diverse, and we will show you the right way when it comes to securing a loan for your first home.

Upgrading or Downsizing for Your Needs

If you are looking for your third or fourth home or want to downsize your space, we help you to see your reasons why, and to give you your best advantages when it comes to affordability. Lifestyle changes are always a bit challenging, but with our help you will see your way to new beginnings.

Refinancing for Better Rates

If interest rates are low, take advantage of a lower monthly mortgage payment. Whether you want some cash from equity, want to switch out an adjustable-rate mortgage for a fixed-rate one, or just want to lower your monthly payment, our St. Louis Park, MN mortgage lender is here to help you determine what is best for you.

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Mortgage Loan Options in St. Louis Park MN

You will be delighted to know we have many mortgage options for you and your family. Today, the mortgage process moves along quickly and most of the so-called paperwork is strictly online. From our first conversation with you, we can walk you through the ins and outs of what happens when you decide on a mortgage loan. Some of your mortgage options include:

Conventional Loans For those with good credit and a steady employment history, a conventional loan is the way to go. Conventional loans can be 15-year fixed, 30-year fixed, or adjustable-rate mortgages. Not to worry, because we do most of the heavy lifting for you when setting up your mortgage loan.

FHA Loans Insured by the Federal Housing Administration, an FHA loan gives you the options for low down payments and can be fixed-and adjustable-rate mortgages. For those with less-than-perfect credit, an FHA loan gives you the flexibility you are looking for. As with all mortgage loans, there is much to know, but our St. Louis Park, MN mortgage loan specialists will walk you all through it.

VA Loans At Compass Mortgage, we are proud to service our Military Service Members, and with a VA loan, all men and women who are serving or have served in the armed forces are encouraged to apply. With a VA loan, you can purchase a home with no money down and interest rates that are very low. With no prepayment penalties, and no private mortgage insurance, you are good to go with a VA loan.

ARMs – Adjustable-rate mortgages have interest rates that change after some time. You may start out with a fixed interest rate for 5 years, then your lender will adjust that interest rate based on current market trends. If you are just getting started, an adjustable rate mortgage is a great way to go as it gives you the chance to build up your finances.

Put Our Expertise to Work for You

We know how intimidating applying for a mortgage loan can be. Even if you have been turned down by other St. Louis Park, MN mortgage finance companies, do not believe that a mortgage loan is out of reach for you. At Compass Mortgage, we go to work for you, because our goal is to see all of our customers become homeowners.

Let our mortgage financing experts satisfy your mortgage needs. Our team is motivated to bring each and every customer to the closing table. We have the dedication and professionalism to find the perfect mortgage for you and your family. In short, we are home to a better mortgage experience. Contact us today for more information.