Posted on 05/15/2019

Spring & Summer Color Scheme

1 minute read

A change in the weather outdoors may inspire you to make a change in décor as well! With the transition of seasons, take the opportunity to refresh your interior with brighter colors and lighter fabrics. Take a look at four of our favorite spring and summer color schemes that will keep your space feeling fresh and inspired!  These would also be beautiful wedding colors if you’re planning your big day!

Coral and Turquoise:  Coral Gables, Galapagos Turquoise, Blanched Coral, Turquoise Mist

Lavender and Sage: Lavender Mist, Sage Wisdom, Purple Haze, Thornton Sage,

Pink and Navy: Light Chiffon Pink, Blue Moon, Solar System, Gypsy Rose

Yellow and Mint: Amelia Blush, Green Monster Green, Butter, Mint Julep

** Colors are all from Benjamin Moore, listed in order from top left clockwise.

Incorporating these colors into your interior can be done simply.  Think, new bath or kitchen towels, pillows, light throws, flower arrangements, tabletop accessories, or swap out some frames with new art work.   It doesn’t take much to freshen up your space with the change in seasons!