Small Business Directions

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Workshop Library

Business Framework

Process and Structure

Speaker: Kevin
Every successful business has a strong foundation. Chat with our President on how to implement policies and procedures within your small business.

Vision Casting / Tone of the Company 

Speaker: Dan
Every business needs a vision. Talk with our CEO about his journey in turning his dream business into a reality and how you can do the same.

How We Manage Our Accounting

Speaker: Wes
Learn some quick tips on how to best manage your business's finances.

Web Security & IT

Speaker: Prakash
Ask the pro how to best equip your business from a technical standpoint.

Human Resources

Hiring Tips

Speaker: Anneke
When it comes to owning your own business, the hiring process is key. Who you hire lays the ground for the future of your business. Ask our HR team how to interview and select the right candidate.

Team Member Development

Speaker: Brian
Whether it's fostering leadership or on-boarding a new employee, team member training is an integral part of every business. Talk with our Cultural Training Manager on how to invest in your team members' success.

Leadership Training 

Speaker: Brian


Speaker: Brian
The culture of the workplace is a reflection of the business. Find out some best practices of creating an authentic culture from our cultural training manager.


The Art of Sale

Speaker: Matt
What makes a great sale? Ask how building relationships can be a catalyst for the success of your business.

Sales Staff Engagement

Speaker: Matt
Want to know how to effectively engage and encourage your sales staff? Let's talk!

Sales Training

Speaker: Antoinette
Have some newbies on the sales floor? Let's discuss a few dos and don'ts of training your new sales staff from one of our sales managers.

B2B Relationships, Importance, and Development, Community Strategy

Speaker: Van
Relationships with other businesses are crucial in developing your position within the community. Chat with one of our Sales Managers on how to best get involved in your community.


Social Media Best Practices

Speaker: Kelli/Kylee
How often should I post to social media? What kind of posts should I have? How much time should I spend on social media for my business? These are great questions to ask our social media pros!

Branding and Design

Speaker: Liz
In the digital and social world, it's vital to stand out. Ask our digital content specialist how to align your marketing materials to your brand.

Marketing Trends

Speaker: Blake
Creativity can set your small business apart. Meet with our VP of Marketing to discuss how to effectively look at your industry and identify its current and future trends.
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