Posted on 05/10/2017

Moving Soon? Here’s Your Packing Timeline

3 minute read

Moving is notoriously stressful. From the significant financial commitments to the logistics of packing up your belongings and resettling somewhere new. It disrupts your family’s routine which can create a sense of disorder.


Packing is one of the biggest tasks facing homeowners who are moving, and while there are companies who will do the grunt work for you, most families in America choose to pack boxes themselves since it’s easier on the wallet. To help make your move run smoothly, check out our packing timeline:

Two months from moving day:

Two months before you move, you should begin sorting through your belongings. Anything that’s been sitting in storage for years, clothing your kids have outgrown, or furniture that will no longer work in your new space is all fair game for Goodwill. Hosting a moving sale is also a good idea, and with two months remaining till moving day, you still have plenty of time to arrange and advertise. You can also store away family keepsakes and seasonal items, including: photo albums and scrapbooks, holiday décor, blankets, snow gear, swimming pool toys, etc. These are things you won’t likely need until you get resettled into your new home.

One month from moving day:

With thirty days remaining till you move, you can pack all things you use while entertaining, since you won’t likely need them with such little time remaining till you move! This includes board games, DVDs, stereo equipment, fine china, tablecloths, vases, etc. You can also pack up items you have related to your hobbies. There won’t be much time for crafting, woodworking, or sewing in the coming weeks!

Two weeks from moving day:

This is crunch time! Fill up your moving boxes with your linen closet items, the majority of your jewelry collection, accessories, and wall décor. Choose a few outfits for each member of the family to keep out in a suitcase, and begin packing up all the remaining clothing items. All your important family documents can also be packed away securely.

One week from moving day:

This is the time when you can tackle the kitchen! All the nonessential cooking items can be stored away in boxes, and resolve to use disposable plates and silverware for the next seven days. Go through your pantry and either use up what’s left, or donate what remains to a nearby food pantry. Plan for simple and easy meals that don’t require much kitchen prep. You can also pull up any rugs, and box the throw pillows.

One day from moving day:

Pack up your essential toiletries, pet supplies, and cleaning materials. Keep these easily accessible so you can use them to clean the new house! Clean out the fridge, and keep one extra box for any last minute, random objects you find around the house upon your final walk through.

All that’s left to do is reminisce about the time you’ve spent in your house before you move into your new home. Congratulations! You did it!