Posted on 04/15/2019

MortgageSAT 2018 Best-In- Class Lender

2 minute read

Customer loyalty and satisfaction is a top priority at Compass. By providing outstanding service, we aim to create customers for life.  We are committed to providing an excellent mortgage experience that surpasses what others in the industry can offer.

Recently, we’ve been named a MortgageSAT© 2018 Best-in-Class Lender! This elite distinction, awarded to the top 10% of lender participants, means we’ve achieved outstanding ratings from our clients in things like ease of the application process, loan products, overall borrower satisfaction, and more.

Receiving this honor strengthens our resolve to continue providing top-notch service in 2019.  Here are some other examples of ways Compass is rising above the rest:

  • Our Net Promoter Score, a tool that is used to gauge customer satisfaction and loyalty, is 82 which greatly exceeds the average banking score of 35.
  • Compass is a mortgage banker, not a mortgage broker. This important difference gives us a greater level of control over the loan process because it means we fund and close our loans.
  • Our Get Committed Program expedites the home buying process and provides a better-than-cash offer. We guarantee a closing within 15 days!

Simply put, Compass Mortgage is better.  We look forward to providing our clients the exceptional service they’ve come to expect from us while expanding our reach to help others with their home financing needs.