Posted on 06/29/2020

MBA Features Compass’ Internal Campaign

1 minute read

At Compass Mortgage, we realize the importance of choosing community over crisis during this time. Recently, our CEO, Dan Graham, implored our team members to come together and support the MAA. In response, our team members took action to make our voices heard concerning the need for protection and relief for the housing industry. Unified action is rare these days, but we are unshaken in the belief that people should not penalized for the ramifications of a pandemic in this scarce instance where the outcome is something within our control.

When asked about this internal campaign, Dan Graham, CEO, and Kevin Williamson, President, stated, “We are proud of our team members for coming together to support this important movement. Compass Mortgage was founded on the core values of Excellence, Integrity, and Infinite Worth, and we believe that the work the MAA is doing to protect our industry and clients aligns with those values. Compass Mortgage continues to choose community over crisis during this difficult time.”

Recently, the MBA featured our internal campaign. Take a look here: