Mary Glavin
Senior Loan Officer
NMLS# 755962, Illinois: 031.0049589, Wisconsin: 755962, Indiana: 35504, Florida: LO49620, Tennessee: 147698, Arizona: 0945987, Michigan: 755962, Georgia: 60024, Texas, California: CA-DBO755962, Colorado: 100510138, Minnesota: MN-MLO-755962,South Carolina: MLO - 755962, Virginia: MLO-57717VA, Kentucky: MC769694, Oregon: 755962
Amy Long
Senior Loan Officer
NMLS#755919, Wisconsin; 755919, Illinois; 031.0049588, Indiana: 35481, Michigan: 755919, California: DBO755919, Georgia: 59930, Texas: 755919, Colorado: 100510194,Arizona: 945875, Florida: LO49503, Iowa: 31341, Tennessee: 147251, Minnesota: MN-MLO-75591, Ohio: MLO-OH.755919, South Carolina: MLO - 755919,Virginia: MLO-57682VA, Kentucky: MC769706, Oregon: 755919

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Wonderful to work with
Mary Glavin was wonderful to work with. She was professional, courteous, friendly, and extremely helpful from beginning to end of process. _Sharen K.
As smooth as possible
Mary is an absolute professional! She was courteous, helpful, and always communicating in a positive manner with me. If she happened to be tied up, her coworker Amy just picked up where Mary left off. Mary and her team made this process as smooth as possible. _Annette K.
Genuinely happy for me
Mary and her team were very helpful and responsive to any call or emails I made. Answered any questions I had in a language that was easy to understand for someone not familiar with all of their terms. I also felt they were very personable and genuinely happy for me throughout my process. […]
Complete Joy to Work With
Mary was absolutely fantastic! She went above and beyond to make sure we understood the process as first time buyers. She was timely in communication, patient when we needed more clarification, and all around a complete joy to work with. I would recommend her to anyone buying a home, but […]
Communication Pro
Mary is the absolute best communicator I have worked with in this industry, every step of the process went as planned with no issues whatsoever. Clear expectations were laid out day one and the entire process was not overwhelming or complicated in any manner.
Beyond Expectations!
Mary has been simply the best! I have been related to or closed 5 mortgages in the last 15 years and this was the smoothest. Mary explained to me our options, and did everything beyond my expectations. I feel I will expect the same services from others and they will fall short.