Posted on 08/06/2019

Get Organized for the School Year

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Does back-to-school mean back-to-disarray in your home? If the school year means endless piles of stray papers and stressful mornings, check out these home organization tricks, tips, and inspirations for getting your house and school morning routine in order.

Make a Happy Entry

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Once the school year starts, the entryway pile-up begins. Cut down on clutter by following the number one rule of organization: make sure everything has a place. Invest in coat hooks, a cube organizer, baskets, shoe storage, etc. to keep the mess to a minimum.

Take Command

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Keeping everyone in the loop is a task within itself. A place for a calendar, artwork, chore chart, etc. is a necessity with school-age kids. Check out this chic DIY magnetic message board from the 4 Men 1 Lady blog!

File It

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Unless your school system has gone completely paperless, the amount of field trip permission slips, fundraiser forms, and extracurricular schedules are unending. Hang a magazine or file organizer and designate a spot for each of your kids and one for yourself. Encourage your kids to place items needing attention in your designated spot and to check their slot each morning for items that need to be brought back to school.

Tackle Outfitting

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Spend most of your mornings trying to put outfits together? Check the upcoming weather report and pick weekday outfits out on the weekend. House them in a hanging sweater organizer for an effortless morning.

Grab & Go Snack or Lunch Preparation

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If your kids are old enough to pack their own lunch, organize a grab and go station of pantry essentials like chips, pretzels, granola bars, juice boxes etc. in a hanging shoe organizer. Organize their refrigerated items the night before and let them fend for the rest in the morning and after school!

Make a Homework Space

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Stop fighting over counter and table space and keep your student on track with his or her own personal “home office”, whether it’s a fold-out wall mounted desk, a desk tucked into a closet, a corner nook or an actual desk in the bedroom.

Stock Up

Instead of making a late night store run for craft supplies to complete a due-tomorrow school project, stock up early in the year with all of the typical school project essentials.

Designate a Left Behind Basket

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Back to school means back to carpooling, back to afternoon play dates, and back to other kids’ belongings stockpiling in your house and vehicle. Grab a large basket and place it near your door, so when you or your kids head out for school, activities, etc. you’ll be more likely to remember to return left behind items to their rightful owner.

Here’s to an organized school year! For more organization ideas, follow us on Pinterest!