Posted on 08/06/2020

Family Fun Activities

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You may have heard the word “unprecedented” once or twice in the past few months and it’s true, life looks radically different for everyone right now. The usual staples of the season are gone or exist with new restrictions that are essential. We are here to say that despite the changes happening on many fronts, there are still activities out there for you and your family to enjoy! We’ve done a bit of research and created this reference for the days when you and your family need to try something new.

marshmallows and chocolate bar on brown wooden boardBackyard Camping

Camping can be some of the greatest memories of a kid’s life, but thankfully it doesn’t have to happen at a campground. So head out your backdoor and grab your tent, sleeping bags, and everything smores related for a fun night underneath the stars! Click this link to for more ideas on how to backyard camp like a pro!

forest during daytimeParks, Parks, Parks!

If there is one thing quarantine life has taught us, it’s that we need to get outside more! Parks are a great way for kids to explore new landscapes and experience nature. Whether it’s going for a walk on your local trail or visiting a state park for a hike, there are so many opportunities out there!

say cheese neon signagePlan a Photoshoot

Summer might normally mean an annual family photo with everyone matching in a great color scheme and pets on their best behavior. A professional session may not be on the calendar this year, but a fun photoshoot with the family can still be on the books! Even if your school year looks a little different these tips could also be helpful for your kid’s new school year pictures. Here are some helpful tips on a DIY photoshoot.

person holding balloonsBackyard Olympics

The Olympics may have been postponed to 2021, but that doesn’t mean you and your family can’t get in the competitive spirit! Grab your cornhole set, frisbees, and any sports ball you can find and get creative. Family members can be a solo team or if you have the numbers, split into groups. Don’t forget for the to include the awards ceremony. We’ve linked some fun outdoor games to include in your backyard Olympics.

Find Fun Webinars

We are all about finding DIY crafts and acquiring new skills but sometimes it’s fun to learn from the masters! Whether it’s crafty, musical or academic related, there’s plenty to choose from! Check out this link for virtual science activities for your kids : Science Journal for Kids

We recently did a community spotlight on Penguin Foot Pottery and they offer a few options for virtual pottery classes. Click this link to learn more Penguin Foot Pottery.

cars parked on parking lot during daytimeDrive-In Theatre

Raise your hand if you miss cozy movie nights. We certainly do. Luckily, someone has heard our cry because drive-in movie theatres are in the middle of a revival. Drive-ins are ideal for practicing safety precautions as well as having a fun night out of the house.

Mini-Master Chef competition

The cooking channel is something of a treasured item for adults, but did you know cooking can also be fun for kids?! Hear us out. With a little adult supervision, getting your kids in the kitchen could be a great opportunity for quality time together and the perfect moment to begin teaching them a life skill. If you really want to entice them, make a game of it where the winner’s dish gets a special prize at the end.

child sliding on blue and orange slippery pad with water splash at daytimeBackyard Water Park

Days spent at the waterpark are usually a must on the 90° days, but with a little vision and a trip to the store, a new outdoor water experience awaits! Here’s a link to some fun DIY water park ideas for your backyard.

black and white projector on white tableAt Home Movie Theatre

If there’s no drive-in movie theatre in your area or if you’re looking for a more long-term option to substitute, an at-home movie theatre may be a perfect answer! These at-home theatres can take place indoors or outside. Some of the items you may need are a projector, projector screen, media player, and a Bluetooth speaker. Check out this article to see more.