Posted on 05/30/2015

5 Easy DIY Weekend Landscaping Projects

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Proper landscaping is one of the few home improvements that not only adds value to your property but also appreciates over time. Another benefit of landscape projects? A little can go a long way and most don’t require the help of a professional. Use these easy DIY landscaping projects to add curb appeal to your home and create an outdoor gathering space for your family and friends.


Install Rigid Edging for Flower Beds

Edging creates a crisp, clean line to distinguish the lawn and your garden beds. Opt out of the flexible, flimsy plastic edging and go for steel, aluminum, rigid plastic or fiberglass.

Use a charged hose (turn on the spigot but leave the sprayer off) to create a guide for where you want to place your edging. Using a lawn edger or a spade, cut away excess sod and make an incision for the edging. Tap the edging into place using a rubber mallet and add the stakes. Trim the excess edging away with a hacksaw.

Install a Flagstone Path

Pathways leading to, from and/or around your home add accessibility to your landscape. A flagstone path adds character. Check out our foolproof method for laying a flagstone garden path in the span of a weekend.

Incorporate Containers into Your Landscape

Chances are if you have potted flowers, they are lining your porch, entryway, deck, patio or balcony. Better Homes and Gardens suggests adding flexibility to your landscape by adding large, colorful glazed or plastic containers into your landscaped garden beds. You can easily highlight areas of your yard and change out the containers for different seasonal looks.

Camouflage Your Deck

Ease the transition from manmade structures to foliage by using tall perennials and ornamental grasses to hide deck legs and fill in low-maintenance garden beds. Midwest Living‘s top picks for ornamental grasses native to the Midwest include:

  • Purple moorgrass
  • Fountaingrass
  • Little bluestem
  • Japanese forestgrass
  • Fiber opticgrass

Create an Outdoor Space

Come summertime, homeowners transition from the confines of their homes to open-air retreats. Our blog post gives specific tips and tricks for turning your porch, deck, patio or backyard into a gathering place for family and friends.  Up the ante with a DIY fire pit or garden pond.

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