Corporate Programs

Compass’ Mortgage Corporate Program was designed to be part of a company’s work-life program by providing employees with assistance purchasing a home.

All Employees benefit from Compass’ Mortgage Corporate Program. The services that Compass provides saves them real dollars on the costs associated with securing mortgage financing – but also and often more importantly on the cost of their mortgage over time. By managing total interest expense and building equity in their property – their home becomes an important part of their overall investment portfolio and plan.

The benefits of our Mortgage Corporate Program are:

Free Services – This includes credit reports, mortgage loan pre-qualifications/pre-approvals and access to an internet based home finding service. There are also discounts off of our standard closing costs ranging from 7% to 36% with the total discount based on the loan amount.

Educational Events delivered on site in the form of quarterly “Lunch & Learn Seminars” that answer the questions most employees will have about buying a home, selling a home, or refinancing their existing mortgage.

Also, for every mortgage loan that we complete, there will be a charitable contribution to a charity of the company’s choosing.

For more information about this program and how your company can participate, please call or e-mail Dan Graham.

Clients Served

Below is a list of clients Compass Mortgage has served: