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Down Payment Assistance Loans

Down Payment Assistance Programs (DPA) in Brentwood TN

Nowadays, very few people can manage a 20% down payment on a new home. This is unsurprising when you consider the average house price is around $400,000. Fortunately, times are changing, and it is now not necessary to come up with this much capital to buy your first home.

If you are dreaming of homeownership, but lack the funds for a down payment, you might be surprised to learn that you may not need one at all. There are assistance programs out there that can help you achieve your dream. Down payment assistance programs in Brentwood TN are available for low to moderate earners to help them take a step up on the property ladder. The best way to figure out where you stand, is by reaching out to Compass Mortgage.

Types of DPA Programs You Can Apply for in Brentwood, TN

Four different down payment assistance programs are available. However, depending on where you live, not all will be offered:

  • Grants: Money given that does not need to be repaid.
  • Loans: Second mortgage loans repayable monthly.
  • Forgivable Loans: Second mortgages that are forgiven over a determined number of years (usually five). If you sell, refinance, or move, they must be repaid.
  • Deferred Loans: Second mortgages on a property. If you sell, move, or refinance the home, then it must be repaid. No monthly payments are required while you still have your primary mortgage.
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It is also important to note:

  • Loans can be interest-free, low interest, or higher interest than your mortgage rate.
  • An interest rate is determined by your personal circumstance and the available DPA (down payment assistance) programs in your area.
  • The most common type of DPA given is a grant.

DPA programs can also change from year to year. What was offered last year may not be available this year, and it can change again the year after that. Be sure you are looking at up-to-date information when researching the down payment assistance programs available to you.

How Do You Qualify for Home Down Payment Assistance in Brentwood, TN?

DPA programs are not given to everyone. They are specifically reserved for qualifying persons. Although the criteria vary between areas, the following points apply almost everywhere:

  • You must be a first-time buyer.
  • Your income is classified as low or moderate.
  • The home you want to buy is located in a target area.
  • It will be your primary residence.
  • You use an approved mortgage lender.
  • You obtain an approved mortgage.

Targeted areas have been federally identified as requiring economic stimulation. Therefore, DPA programs are more readily given or higher in amount if you choose to buy in a targeted area.

How Much Down Payment Assistance Can I Receive?

The amount on your down payment assistance loan in Brentwood, TN you could possibly receive depends on your circumstances. You could qualify for nothing, or you could qualify for a grant of many thousands of dollars.

Typically, DPA programs can be used for closing costs too, but this is not guaranteed and will be stated at the application stage.

What Kind of Mortgage Do You Need for a DPA in Brentwood, TN?

DPA will only be granted if you take a mortgage from an approved lender such as Compass Mortgage. The most common loan types are generally accepted, including:

If you are unsure about which mortgage will allow you to qualify for a DPA loan, talk to your approved Brentwood TN lender.

What DPA Programs Does the State of Tennessee Offer?

Home loan down payment assistance in Brentwood is available through the Tennessee Housing Development Agency. Unfortunately, grants are not currently offered, but you can get a Great Choice home loan offer:

  • Up to $7,500 as a second mortgage loan.
  • Repaid over 15 years at the same rate as your primary mortgage loan.
  • Can be used for closing costs too.

Learn More about Down Payment Assistance Programs in Brentwood

Talking to an approved mortgage lender is the best way to understand more about what is available in your area. DPA programs can change from year to year, so talking to an expert will ensure that you are receiving information that is up to date.

For the Brentwood, TN area, contact our expert team at Compass Mortgage. Being specialists in mortgages, our team knows the ins and outs of the different assistance programs and the best mortgages to accompany them.

If you are struggling to come up with the down payment to buy a home with a DPA program, you could find out that it is now suddenly within reach. Everyone deserves a step on the property ladder. A modest income should not prevent that. Talk to Compass Mortgage today and find out what is available to you.