Posted on 08/08/2019

Back to School – Lunch Box Hacks

2 minute read

As summer starts coming to a close, and the back-to-school shopping begins, we thought we’d share some of our best tips and tricks before the new school year. First up, lunch box hacks!

Use Drinks as Ice Packs

Time to be resourceful! Freeze your kids’ drinks the night before for an easy, convenient ice pack. The drink will not only keep their food cool, but will also thaw just in time to enjoy during lunch.

Make Your Own Ice Pack

You can DIY just about anything these days, including an ice pack! It’s as easy as throwing a wet sponge in the freezer overnight and sealing it in a plastic baggie.

Keep Your Drink Cool All Day

No one wants to reach for their water bottle only to realize it’s lukewarm, so here’s an easy solution! Fill up your water bottle about ¼ of the way, set it on its side, and put it in the freezer. Once the water is frozen, fill up the rest of the bottle to ensure a cool, refreshing drink all day.

Use Empty Bottles for Sauces

Plan to pack salad, chicken nuggets, or carrots in your kids’ lunches? Empty bottles are an easy-to-pack, spill-free container for any of their favorite dressings or condiments.

We hope these lunch box hacks come in handy as your family starts gearing up for the school year. If you’d like to see full tutorials, click here!