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Experienced Home Mortgage Loan Team in Aurora, IL

Whether you are looking for a mortgage loan for a first home, a sixth home, a refinance, or to get pre-qualified, it helps to know the mortgage process before you dive in headfirst. Compass Mortgage takes the stress out of securing that new mortgage loan, and our mortgage loan rates are some of the lowest you will find in Aurora. 

We know you have hopes and dreams for yourself and your family. Chances are, one of those is to be a homeowner. That is why we offer so many mortgage options. We understand that each individual has specific needs, and we want to see every one of our customers get the home they want.

You will find our loan process straightforward. Our Aurora mortgage lender will work with you to find you the home mortgage loan that best fits your needs. Once the process begins, we are there for you every step of the way, answering questions and staying in touch throughout.

Best of all, our mortgage process is quick and easy. Once initiated, it is a quick trip to the closing table, and you step into the home of your dreams. That’s because at Compass Mortgage, our goal is to see you through to being a homeowner.

Compass Mortgage Gives You Loan Options

Ready to buy that first home? Maybe you are looking to downsize or buy bigger? Take advantage of  lower interest rates with a refinanced mortgage loan. Whatever you need, our Aurora mortgage financing experts will help you to explore your options.

Buying Your First Home – There is a lot to know, but we are ready to help you. Not all Aurora mortgage lending companies give you the expertise that we do. We talk to you about credit scores, financing options, pre-approvals, and why owning a home is so much more beneficial than renting.

Downsize or Buy Larger – You have reasons for wanting to move, and mortgages are perfect for finding that home in Aurora, no matter what stage of life you find yourself in. We help you to take a look at where your finances stand now, and how a mortgage loan can help you today.

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Refinancing Your Mortgage with a Trusted Aurora Home Mortgage Team

You can take advantage of lower interest rates with a refinanced mortgage loan. Aurora mortgage loan financing is a simple path to choosing the type of refinance for you. We help you understand the costs of refinancing, as well as determining a refinance goal that works for you.

Mortgage Options That Work for You

It used to take months to secure a mortgage loan. There was a lengthy application to fill out, fees to pay, then waiting on appraisals, inspections, and commitments. Add to that the uncertainty that any of it would actually go to plan, and you can understand the stress levels people used to face.

That has all changed. Most paperwork is handled online, and you can communicate with your Aurora mortgage lender through your email. Documents come to you from a secure portal, you sign them, and you can send them back instantly.

Our mortgage process includes:

  • Getting you pre-qualified
  • Figuring out the type of loan you need
  • Finding a home and making an offer
  • Communicating with your loan officer
  • Getting an appraisal for the property
  • Having all documents signed, sealed, and delivered
  • Obtain a clear-to-close loan approval
  • Set a closing date

All of this can be done quickly. Many loans today are closed within 30-60 days. Doing everything electronically is a huge benefit, and not all Aurora mortgage companies are able to offer it.

Ready to Make Your Dream of Homeownership a Reality?

When looking for a Aurora mortgage company, think professionalism, expertise, and dedication. That is what we offer at Compass Mortgage.

Why trust us? When it comes to mortgage financing, we appreciate that trust matters. This is your life, your home, and your family that you are trusting to a mortgage company. We can give you many reasons why as far as Aurora mortgage finance companies go, we are near the top, but a few are standouts:

  • Trust: We give you only sound advice every step of the way.
  • A Clear Goal: Our goal is to be your lender for life.
  • A Team Approach: We are a full-service mortgage lender, and we have many people working for us, and with us, when it comes to your loan.
  • Technology: Our website is the best place to begin. From there, you are given access through a username and password that you set up. It’s easy to review your documents and see the status of your loan.
  • Mortgage Loan Management: We don’t stop serving your mortgage needs once you sign on the dotted line. We show you ways to build equity in your investment and make the most out of your home going forward.

Take a few minutes to chat with our specialists or contact our Aurora mortgage company today. You will be very glad you did.