Moving is Never Easy. The Mortgage can Be.

If the games changes, we can have you ready.

Compass is a Proud Sponsor of the American Football Coaches' Wives Association

When picking up everything you’ve just settled, moving to a new area, and starting over from scratch is always a possibility looming in the back of your mind, we are sure it can feel overwhelming at times. We know just by the nature of your husband’s job that you have been willing to sacrifice and support in very unique ways, and it would be an honor for us to help make those transitions easier.

Benefits Include

Free Credit Consultation and Secure Home-Search Services

We provide pre-approvals, credit counseling and the most up-to-date and reliable home search app on the market.

Closing Cost Discount

You will also save on your refinance or purchase costs. We offer a minimum closing cost credit of $500.

About Us

Sean Drendel

Hi I am Sean Drendel, a Loan Officer at Compass Mortgage, Head Football Coach at Naperville North, and a father of 4.

Bill Korosec

Hi I am Bill Korosec, a Loan Officer at Compass Mortgage, Asst Football Coach at Naperville North and a father of 3.