John Pinkley

VP - Mortgage Banker


Portfolio Loans

The U.S. economic downturn which started in 2007 has caused increasing difficulty in the ability to purchase or refinance a home.  Conventional and FHA guidelines have tightened, programs have changed or been eliminated, and minimum requirements have increased.  In many cases, a loan which would have not been a problem in the past, and which still makes sense, is not financeable because it does not fit into the standard guideline “box”.  The Pinkley Group at Compass Mortgage is focused on serving these clients by provide lending solutions to the borrowers who fall into this category.  With access to Portfolio Lending, Compass Mortgage can provide solutions to clients who cannot obtain financing elsewhere.

While there are still guidelines for PORTFOLIO loans, such as minimum equity/downpayment requirements and FICO/credit score requirements, the PORTFOLIO guidelines can be less restrictive than conventional or FHA financing.  In addition, we can “bend” guidelines with strong compensating factors or valid reasons for any shortcomings.  If a loan makes sense and the borrower has the ability to pay the loan, but it does not fit into the normal box, there is a good chance we can do it.

Some situations which our PORTFOLIO loans may accommodate:

  • Property condition unacceptable for conventional or FHA financing
  • Unique properties (log homes, multiple dwellings on one lot, mixed use, etc. . . )
  • Unique income situations
  • Borrower who has worked out of the U.S. until recently
  • Non-warrantable condos
  • Construction loans
  • Vacant lot loans
  • Insufficient job history for conventional or FHA financing
  • Low credit scores due to acceptable circumstances