Posted on 03/13/2017

8 Quick & Simple Home Improvements That Do Wonders for Your Curb Appeal

4 minute read

When you think of home renovations, you’re likely dreaming of a kitchen remodel or new flooring. You’re not alone; interior home improvements and renovations are highly coveted but oftentimes, a home’s exterior is put on the backburner. Here are some relatively cheap DIY projects that can transform your curb appeal.

Transform Your Entryway

Your entrance should be the focal point of your home and a transition from the exterior to the interior of your home. Play it up! If you’re not sure how, use accents symmetrically. Flank your doorway with large matching planters or dual sconces.

If you have a front porch, move the style of your interior to your exterior with an outdoor living area. Make a landing spot by adding weather-resistant seating, a rug, a coffee table and home décor accents.

Lighten Up Your Walkways

When we think of curb appeal, we often think of what can be seen in the daytime. Solar pathway and step lighting is a great way to illuminate your home’s walkways. It’s virtually seamless to install and requires a minimum amount of maintenance.

Paint Your Front Door

While the majority of homeowners stick to neutral home exteriors, the front door is a great way to incorporate some color and interest – especially during the winter when the weather is dreary and bland.

Whether you choose to stay mellow with a sage green or go bold with chartreuse, a good way to pick color is to paint a few swatches on your door and look at them from the curb at different times of the day. This allows you to see how the color changes through the various stages of sunlight.

Update House Numbers

If you’re still relying on the status quo of house numbers, you’re missing out on a small way to make a big impact. From floating numbers and address plaques to number wall planters, this small investment is worth it.

Reassess Lighting

You ardently light the interior of your home, but how does your home measure up from the curb? A poorly lit exterior looks uninviting and can create a safety hazard for evening houseguests. For entryway lighting, Houzz suggests going bigger than you’d think. Small light fixtures end up looking awkward and even if a fixture seems large in person, it appears much smaller from the street. See the rest of their outdoor lighting tips here.

Plant Some Trees

As far as landscape value goes, a mature tree can have an appraised value between $1,000 and $10,000, according to the Council of Tree and Landscape Appraisers. Planting one or several trees not only provide your home with protection from sun and wind, but can instantly transform your landscape and curb appeal. Check out HGTV’s list of their favorite front yard trees.

Cover Slab Foundation

Even if your foundation plantings are sufficient within your landscaping, exposed foundation can be unsightly. A great way to add brick, stone or slate features to your home is to cover foundation with faux panels.

Garage Door Makeover

Garage doors are a great way to transform a functional item into an extension of your home’s style. If your garage door doesn’t match the style of your home, a replacement will do your home’s exterior well. According to the 2017 Cost vs. Value Report by Remodeling magazine, the average replacement will cost you $1,749 but the cost recoup for resale value is nearly 77 percent.

Not looking to make a replacement? You can still add style with one of these garage door DIY projects, all of which run under $100.

Looking to complete some larger scale home improvements or renovations? Download our free Rehab & Construction Guide for ways to incorporate the costs of your renovation into your mortgage.