Posted on 07/25/2019

5 Ways to Upgrade Your Bathroom Without Remodeling

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Updated kitchens and bathrooms top the lists of “wants” for today’s homebuyers. Luckily, bathrooms can be updated dramatically, quickly, and on a budget without the need for remodeling. 


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Painting is the obvious go-to when trying to freshen up any room of your home. For a simplistic, spa-like look, stick with soft hues. Not only will light colors make your bathroom appear larger than it really is but will also give you a greater sense of lighting.

Most interior designers suggest using a semi-gloss paint, because it repels moisture and is easy to clean!


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New drawer pulls instantly update an old vanity! Brushed nickel and stainless steel are great options for spa-like inspiration while oil-rubbed bronze pulls will complement a rich, sophisticated atmosphere.

You should also consider replacing the outlet covers, which are low-cost but will leave your bathroom looking surprisingly new.


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Functionality of bathrooms is a top priority for homeowners, so keeping clutter to the minimum is essential. Invest in storage totes, cubbies, or baskets so you can quickly store toiletries, makeup, etc. before guests arrive while also adding elemental design to your overall look. 

HGTV also suggests innovative storage ideas, such as:

    • Using a freestanding storage ladder
    • Mounting a wall cabinet on empty wall space
    • Installing shelves above the toilet for rolled towels and storage baskets
  • Using shallow painted crates for a decorative and functional storage solution


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Without proper lighting, any great bathroom can feel dim and drab. While you’ll want adequate lighting for grooming and makeup application, a dimmer light will turn your bathroom into a place of rest when you finally have the time for that relaxing bubble bath.

If your vanity light fixture is out-of-date, it’s a pretty quick fix. Simply choose a vanity light that will cover the same (or more) space as the original fixture. Otherwise, you’ll have to touch up with paint.

Statement lighting has also made its way into bathrooms. For a dramatic look, consider adding a chandelier or pendant light that adheres to the atmosphere you’re trying to create!

Final Touches

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These quick fixes will add function and boost the appeal of your bathroom as a whole:

    • Add a handheld showerhead
    • Replace your sink fixture with one that offers more height over the bowl
    • Freshen up your bath mats with a monochromatic color scheme or all white for a spa-like feel
  • Splurge on new towels

Take any of these steps to give your bathroom an instant upgrade! But if you’re ready to remodel your bathroom on a larger scale, download our free Rehab & Construction Handbook for loan options that allow borrowers to bundle their mortgage and renovations into one loan. 

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