Posted on 07/11/2019

5 Creative Ways to Save for Your Family Vacation

3 minute read

With the kids out of school and vacation days banked, summer is a great time of year to travel with the family. But even the most basic vacation can get pricey fast! Here are 5 creative ways to save up for a vacation the whole family can get in on!

1. Store it away: Open up a savings account specifically dedicated to your vacation fund. With the
money stored away separately from your other savings accounts, you won’t be tempted to use
those funds for everyday expenses. Additionally, it’s easier to keep track of how much progress
you’re making!

Budget in weekly deposits, and don’t touch it until you’re able to purchase your airline tickets,
hotel, etc.

2. Fill it up: It may seem old fashioned, but a collection jar is a fun way to get the whole family
involved in saving up for your trip. Decorate your container with pictures of your destination
and contribute spare change, money from the kids’ lemonade stand, or money from a recent
garage sale. It will be a great visual example of how much progress you’re making and will
inspire teamwork as you work towards a common goal!

3. Out with the Old: Hosting a garage sale is a great way to declutter and chip away at your goal!
Best of all, community Facebook pages are popular right now and make selling your old stuff
hassle free. No need to drag all your stuff outside—just take pictures and post! Get the kids
involved so they’re invested too!

4. Spend Less: Save for your vacation by spending less! Instead of family outings that require
spending, find free things to enjoy together! Visit a library, go to a park, cook pizza at home
instead of eating out. There are still plenty of opportunities for fun! Whatever money you
would have spent on a family outing, put it in the savings account!

5. Save More: An easy way to save money is by eliminating current expenses. Eliminate your cable
bill and opt for a cheaper streaming subscription like Netflix instead. Plan Meatless Mondays to
save a little on that grocery bill. Drink water with lemon instead of more expensive sodas.
These are small things that will add up over time!

Working as a family towards a common goal will bring you all together before you even leave for your
vacation. We know with these tips, and a little family teamwork, you will get to that vacation!