Posted on 04/30/2020

3 Easy-To-Care-For Houseplants

2 minute read

Houseplants offer endless benefits—from adding to your home’s décor to improving the air quality. But bringing the outdoors in is not always easy!  Especially when you’re faced with all the choices you find at the local garden center.

Here are our three favorite easy-to-care-for plants that take out the guess work!

  1. Snake Plant: Snake plants are a type of succulent that come in a wide variety of color variations and sizes, allowing them be easily incorporated to most any room of your home.  They can tolerate lots of different light conditions and don’t require frequent watering.  This plant likes to get dry between waterings, and make sure they’re placed in a pot with excellent drainage!

  1. Pothos: This is a vining plant that drapes beautifully and would look great on a bookshelf. Pothos prefers indirect light and can tolerate low light conditions, making it perfect for tricky rooms of your home.  On watering days, make sure the water is evenly dispersed on the soil and wait until the first inch of soil is dry before you water again.

  1. Rubber Plant/Tree: Rubber plants are a favorite houseplant because they make a statement! They require bright, indirect light, occasional pruning, and they don’t like to be over-watered. If they’re taken care of well, they can grow to an impressive 6-7 feet tall! Be careful if you have pets, though—the sap from this plant can be toxic.

These friendly plants will help develop your green thumb in no time! Remember to keep a watering schedule, dust the leaves weekly, and re-pot the plant as it grows to ensure optimal health. Happy growing!