Posted on 09/19/2019

10 Ways to Transition your Decor for Fall

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It’s fall! If you’ve been patiently waiting to break out your autumn-inspired décor, here are 10 simple ways to incorporate the feel of fall into your home.

Switch Out Pillows & Throws

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As the weather begins to cool, you’ll be spending a lot more time cozied up on the sofa. Switch out your throw pillows and blankets, incorporating warm fabrics and fall-inspired prints. Don’t feel limited to the oranges, yellows, browns and crimsons of autumn.

Put Your Boots On Display

Make a statement in your entryway with a decorative, yet practical, boot tray. See the how-to for this DIY boot tray by Joanna Gaines.

Swap Out Your Vignettes

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Vignettes are one of the easiest ways to stage your home. Add varying heights with faux pumpkins, vases filled with fall foliage, your favorite harvest-inspired art, a tiered fruit basket filled with acorns and pine cones – your options are endless.

Flank Your Entryway With Everything “Fall”

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Boost your seasonal curb appeal with all of the fall essentials.

Stage Your Outdoor Living Area

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Still enjoy your outdoor living space long past the days summer? Drape your furniture in cozy throws, fill lanterns with candles and seasonal accents and light up the fire pit.

Layered Rugs

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This home décor trick is useful (no cold feet!), adds texture and pleases the eye. The art of layered rugs really has no rules, but many designers use a muted-fabric rug (i.e. jute) underneath and an “accent” rug over top for seasonal flair.

Display Coziness

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Invite guests to make themselves at home by displaying blankets on a decorative ladder.

Blanket Your Furniture

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Nothing says comfy like a slipcovered sofa. Sink into monotone accessories in multiple textures for a feel of cozy and an extra chic look.

Swap Bedding

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It’s time to retire your summertime linens and start layering on the cold weather fabrics. Add a blanket or quilt beneath your winter duvet and slip on some flannel sheets for extra warmth.

Fireplace Focal Point

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After you’ve ensured your fireplace is prepared for use, make this area the interest point of your living space with a creative display of firewood, a mantel vignette, basket of blankets, etc. If you have a fireplace but prefer not to have a wood fire, candles have the same alluring effect.

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