Gina Cleary

Gina Cleary

VP - Mortgage Banker

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Direct Line: 630.687.6024
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State License: NMLS# 309344 - Illinois: 031.0037074, Indiana: 25113, Wisconsin: 309344 Online Loan Application

What Clients Are Saying

Gina has provided me with many cost effective financing solutions over the years. Each time she conducts herself with the utmost professionalism and integrity. Gina ensures that the process always goes smoothly and efficiently and is promptly responsive to any inquires. I completely trust her to properly guide me toward the best option. As a result she is my exclusive source for financing needs.

Andrew C.

Gina woks smart and hard. She has a vast amount of knowledge concerning her field. She remembers individuals and how she can help them. She has a good work ethic.

Patricia V.

I have known Gina for over 8 years and she has been a wonderful professional to work with during that time. She has helped me close many loans in a timely manner, always under promising and over delivering, hence my constant return to use her services. I have introduced her to MANY individuals and they have always come back to me well taken care of and very impressed. I would introduce her again without hesitation. She really stands out in her industry due to the fact that it is easy to get into, but very difficult to stay in for the long term. She has done just that. She’s a quality professional.

Thomas C.

Gina has consistently outperformed other financial advisers, who's help I was seeking. She was always able to provide us with what we really needed. She was very patient, kind, professional. Her expertise is served as a solid foundation for all our work in the past, and I am sure in the future.

Alex B.

Gina is an excellent person to work with. She has much to bring to the table and always has a smile on her face. She knows the work she does and works hard at making sure she stays one of the industries top professionals.

Kelly S.

Gina is truly a professional in the mortgage service's she has provided to me. Very detail oriented, communicates well, and has a positive attitude. I would recommend her for any mortgage product or service.

Julie K.